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  • to stimulate community development and transformation, by offering the youth in the target area access to vital information and other basic educational activities that will raise their awareness about urgent development issues; and strengthen their participation and decision-making within the society on matters affecting their own lives.


  • Establishment of centers to help the target youth groups, public and community-based organizations access affordable information technology services.
  • To Provide training facilities, and assist establish youth forums, to enable them meet regularly, discuss, exchange and share ideas, learn about themselves and others.
  • To Understand their own problems, and identify their needs in relation to their existing social, political, cultural and religious structures, and take actions to direct and control their own future destiny.
  • To Discourage the youth from becoming members of armed militias, and organizations, with negative ideologies, by providing them with skills for alternative source of income generation including as; computer skills, entrepreneurship skills, enhancement of English language ability, management skills for youth organizations, leadership skills and learning of non-violent ways of living and resolving conflicts, through training, and appropriate reading materials.
  • To Encourage and assist the youth for equal opportunities to express their views, fully participate in development activities, and grow up with good human behaviors that can suit modern societies, on their own terms, through establishment of youth debate clubs, production of youth newsletter, magazines, entertainment facilities, and become updated by accessing appropriate information.
  • To enhance the target youths’ knowledge and literacy levels by providing access to educational information and appropriate reading materials through well equipped library services, reading clubs and audio-cassette listening forums etc.
  • To enhance the academic English language performance of students at primary, secondary and tertiary institutions through access to reading materials, participation of inter-school debate clubs and reading clubs.
  • To Strengthen and enhance the capacities and performance of community- based youth organizations through accessibility to modern development books and materials, and training programs.