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Support of Refugees and Returnees:

Our Goal and Purposes

The ultimate goal for EACI is to achieve zero IDP camps in Mogadishu at the end of the current government term. Which means current IDPs will be relocated  or settled as proper residents. Of course this can only be achieved if there is no more civil war or severe drought/famine that can exacerbate  the situation of the IDPs. This may sound long term goal but having extensive knowhow for the situation and its multi-dynamics our important partners and donors will genuinely appreciate it is important and attainable target which will see the end of the disgraceful livings in the IDP camps and that people in the camps shall regain their rightful dignity and comfort.

By then young women will not be easy targets for sexual predators, shy women will not have to queue up for the use of latrines, school age children would have normal life in which they will go to schools like their peers from the host community. Achieving the ultimate goal of Mogadishu free of IDPs will be foremost achievement for the donor community, Somali government and indeed for EACI.


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Strategic Activities

However, closing the IPD camps in Mogadishu and possibly allover Somalia is the ultimate goal but before that EACI’s plan is to accomplish many prerequisite steps such as:

Establishing strong collaboration between the host community and the IDPs in order to overcome the insecurity the host community must be IDPs friendly, the local authority and the local police station to any given camp must be willing to work with the IDP community harmoniously. The local district governor and the local police commander will be our priority for making them understand the sensitivity and the security needs of the women in the tents. EACI will make sure that the local authority have special ear and eye on the IDP security need, they must demonstrate real changes by providing their physical presence as deterrent as well as successful follow up where there was unfortunate case (s). In addition, the relationship can be improved by bring the local elders or actors together both from IDPs and the host held meetings to discuss any issues that may exist and we help find the possible solutions for any problem.

Suffusing the need for primary health issues at the camps is also important prerequisite prior to closing down the camps within the next three yrs. At the moment EACI works with 100 camps; none of the camps have any reliable MCH let alone anything of better standard Traditional birth attenders known as (TBAs) still practice in the camps. Therefore, it is our aim to ensure that IDPs get competent primary health care so that there is antenatal care, no more of maternal mortality and vaccines are readily available to new born babies. According to the statistics available over Somalia the maternal mortality rate is suggested to be 7% and arguably highest in the camps. We plan to achieve these by setting up MCHs in and around the camps with more than 400 households as residents, depending on the availability of the suitable location and staff. Where we can find alternative health provider nearby the camp we will try to deal with them and try to find good services for the IDPs. That is only possible if it is okay with the donor requirements.

There are thousands of young girls graduating from Somali universities every year. Unfortunately, most of these young post and undergraduate girls end up staying at home or resorting to becoming somewhat nature forced housewives, simply because they could not get someone to hire them and make use of their raw talents. In the last three years statistics show that over 3,000 ladies graduated from Mogadishu located Universities, of which fewer than 10 percent were employed after graduation. There are many challenges that contribute to this problem just to name same: negative family attitude towards working female, lack of interest in the job search and discrimination against women by the employers.

Consequently, EACI plans to utilize its female staff talents by providing trainings to women graduates, convincing girls it is worthwhile to search and find a job. It is better for herself family and will be much better for her children. She will be able to feel and be independent in supporting herself and others and even her husband will most certainly respect her more. EACI will bring mentors and peers to young ladies that can take them not only thorough the lecture slights but also thorough the workplaces. Likewise, EACI will train, financially and materially support women vendors whether from host or from the IDPs. We came to know this is necessity thorough the years we helped and observed them having what one could call roller coaster rides. Over the last three decades during the civil wars nearly half of the Somali women became the bread winners for their respective families many of them divorces.

For young school age IDPs girls to go to school we plan to find willing privately run well-known schools that we can jointly establish schools near camps. This is because they the private schools have the necessary knowhow to manage schools and EACI will ensure that IDP staffs are hired where possible for such a school jobs. These schools will at the beginning be free for IPD kids and will gradually determine to find and convince those who can pay some of the made affordable school fees.