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Protection of Women and Children

EACI is nongovernmental organisation run by group of women specially set up to provide humanitarian relief for women and children because they are often the victims of wars, civil unrest, and other emergency situations that cause them to suffer “inhuman acts and consequently suffer serious harm. 

Facts you need to know about the internally displaced peoples camps in and around Mogadishu:

  1. There are 370,000 IDPs; Sources (Internal displacement monitoring centre)
  2. There is no health posts for these IDPs
  3. There is no Schools
  4. They endure frequent attacks by armed militias including rape of young women
  5. They have no permanent settlements and they suffer all other kinds of hardship. They urgently need our / your support to get these above basic necessities as human beings. These above 5 points are things that kids in the IDPs are in desperate need for and others have taken it for granted.
Our children's future

During the 2016 we provided hundreds of tents with the IDPs and health support over 291 children and vaccination league among other supports.More

unfortunately this is no enough support for the health problems fazed by the IDP kids because we have listed thousands of children infected with the most horrendous and life threatening diseases. Yet many of these infections could be easily cured  because they are often water borne diseases and malaria.