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Somalia has been abundant with anarchy for more than two decades. In this period, the population has suffered from low levels of humanitarian support in the areas of greatest need caused by civil insecurity, poor infrastructure and inaccessibility.

Amongst the areas of greatest needs is the nutrition sector.

Malnutrition rates are believed to be drastically very high in general and in war-torn parts of south and central Somalia in particular, where relief activities are highly inaccessible.

To this end, Nutrition sector is an important component of East Africa Consortium International Organization Priority interventions and focuses on provision of nutritional needs of the target beneficiaries thorough feeding programs, nutrition package, awareness raising to mothers as well as other important nutrition services.

There is poor nutritional status of the young children and the aged in between 3 month- 4 years and 50- 60 years respectively. They look very weak, poor weight and also poor growth rate, almost 50 and above persons including both young children and aged have been seen during the assessment in different IDP camps that have no slight ability or energy to move and poor physical appearance. This is due to the unbalanced diet they consume. In the cases where child dehydrates and loses his/her body water and automatically becomes dehydrated.

According to the respondents, 43% said that the children in the newly established settlements were in need of nutritional services that were not available in the new area. The children previously had access to these services and were unable to access the same following the eviction. In addition, 60% of the respondents lack access to health services, as such services are either not available in the area or are not affordable for them.