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Donate for the Somali Women and Children in need


As recently stated by the Somali women’s minister Maryan Qasin Somalia is ranked number 5 of the worst place in the world for women. However, that is it self an understatement of the problem because Somali women struggle to raise children under contentious wars, famine and often phasing the drug abusing militants. I cannot think of any country other than Somalia that you can find hundreds of ordinary families’ women selling drugs (khat) on the street sides aggressively dealing with Khat chewers often unwilling to pay the price of the Khat leaves but use force to obtain it.

Hence, EACI women want their fellow country women to be empowered with materials and training that can ease their struggle. For example among the road side Khat traders we will find those who can and willing to do other businesses such as selling vegetable or fruits, tailoring as well as any other low capital intensive business. For those remaining in the Khat trade we will try to build kiosks so that problems such as men handling women and snatching of Khat are minimized. Khat trading causes whole lot of problems for example children of the mothers who sell Khat perceive Khat is something good or at least normal to use and that would make children prone to chewing Khat and smoking which in turn can mean why Somalia is full of drug abuses.

No Child should be denied of education no matter where the child comes from IDPs, refugee or host. The lack of effective engagement for the Mogadishu IDPs problems is killing orphans of conflicts and can be the potential breeding ground for the next generation of anti social.

EACI activities are centered to the highest possible integrity and morally ethical judgments and exhausts transparency of all organizational activities especially financial transactions and beneficiary dealings. 95% of the funds obtained by EACI goes directly to the beneficiaries.


Therefore, we appeal to our kind partners, government and the international donors to join us efforts in helping women and children in Somalia.

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