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Objectives & CEO Statement


  1. To improving life style standards of IDPs, Returnees and refugees
  2. Strengthen the social and economic stability  of communities we serve
  3. To create self reliance to the vulnerable communities
  4. To alert the emergency needs of the communities
  5. And foster civic engagement through service and volunteering

Support and provide assistance to the IDPs that comprises weaker gender such as Orphans, Widows, war victims, Minority and vulnerable groups.

Chief Executive Statement

To start with this statement is not political or what some regard as feminism but rather social development advocacy which is intended strive to helping women in Somalia regain their rightful human rights. We intend to simply address and advocate for our Somali women’s human rights through our partners, government and international donors to ease and steadily but surely eliminate the unfair hardship that has doggedly hunted them since the collapse of the last central government of Somalia nearly 30 years ago.  Assessment conducted prior to this statement found that there are frequent rape cases of the IDPs women, precisely 237 cases in Mogadishu along over period of a year (Source UNDP September 2012). Therefore, EACI strives and priorities to getting timely solution for women’s security problem and children basic health and education rights. Local authorities to any IDPs camp must know the problem of the camp residents and work in protecting the women in their constituency and shall accept the responsibility for any failure. The report adds that most of the rape cases were reportedly committed by men in uniforms i.e. military or police personnel. So that EACI will make sure we reach out to any camps’ nearby military outpost as well as directly dealing with the local police stations and or the local community actors.

Other main target for EACI in the coming project(s) will be that of reducing job discrimination against women. Because both primary and secondary statistics suggest similar figures of women at work and main problems suggested include discrimination against women by the employers in general. Families and husbands negative attitude towards working women. And women’s reluctance in putting effort to get jobs because they are too convinced that there are overwhelming obstacles to their success in getting jobs.

Thus, EACI chairlady believes with the help of UNDP as partner and donor can help all these problems turned into positive and only within the time frame of not more than three years given the situation of the country remains gradually recovering from the current base. EACI has more than 20 years of experience in supporting women causes in various ways and that is why ECOSOC has recognized our untiring efforts and rewarded with the “Special Consultative Status” and our chair lady and her two deputy ladies affirm that we are grateful for the UN recognition. IDPs camps in Mogadishu almost all of them sit on privately rented land spaces, children have no access to schools, there are no primary health facilities either free or affordable for IDPs and they also buy the water they use.