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According to UNICEF, on 29% of Somali population have access to improved drinking-water sources.

Water and sanitation is the essence of life, it is only through clean water and proper sanitation that we are able to build, grow and multiply.  Without clean water and facilities, we cannot survive.

East Africa Consortium International Organization Water and Sanitation program was designed to facilitate the provision of safe and sufficient water as well better hygiene promotion.

The program includes digging of boreholes, construction of latrines, garbage collection, sanitation facilities, and the promotion of proper hygiene practice and the delivery of immediate lifesaving support.

Access to clean and safe water in Somalia is one of the main challenges due to a combination of factors; arid climate, chemical concentration of water sources and human-induced conflict. Moreover, existing water sources are inadequate in terms of accessibility, quality and quantity. The high concentration of chemical components and salinity in the groundwater makes it unsafe for human consumption and even with the presence of surface water its often contaminated, therefore needing treatment. Somalia has long suffered decades of protracted conflict leading to destruction of key institutions and crucial data. As a corollary, enforceable regulations for sustainable water management cannot be properly effected further increasing the depletion of groundwater source, contamination and conflict.