Somalia has been without functioning government for almost two decade.

There is still instability in most parts of the country particularly in the southern regions.

East Africa Consortium International Organization undertakes Conflict Resolution, good governance and Peace Building Programs.

This sector project enhances the impact of promoting social justice by addressing the local efforts towards reconciliation and peace building through conducting workshops and seminars, drama, peace rallies, sports tournaments and training’s.

We came to understand that Mogadishu IDPs have somewhat stringent Actors who manage IDP camps with personal efforts since there is no other authority that is active to undertake the management for Mogadishu camps.
Therefore, we provided extensive and deep training on “good governance” in which we introduced to them how important is to be the managers of the most needy human beings’ lives. For example unaccompanied children and disabled people among others. Trainers ensured that Actors understood the importance of being accountable, transparent and ethical IDP leaders. We thought them how to delegate responsibilities, how to identify emergency needs and respond as well as how they must provide protection to IDP ladies from rapists. Because one of the big issues identified in the IDPs is that of frequent rapes by armed men.