Areas of  Work                       

Somalia,  North Eastern Kenya, Austria Vienna officers obtained their UN compound gatepasses and under process to establishing office as soon as possible. Geneva and New York offices are also under process. 




Why EACI is the best Organisation WPE in the Somali Capital

EACI is the best organization to implement WPE project (s) in Mogadishu and possibly South Central Somalia because we have the necessary experience and expertise for working with both IDPs and host communities’ women since 1993. We have the office and over twenty staff members with the most relevant qualifications and proven experience in the field. For twenty plus years of continuous aid work we never in counted any major problem with or from our beneficiaries. Our local partners include 15 local NGOs whom we rely on whenever, we need them because of any extra pressure either side and indeed we consider having them on board as one of our significant assets.

NB: EACI is not a feminist organisation but it is founded to support the most vulnerable human groups and it happens to be women and children in the case of Somalia. We also take keen interest in supporting people with special needs.