Vision of E.A.C.I

our vision is to decrease poverty. in which people can influence decisions that  affect their lives, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities as well as valued and treated equally.

We envision an organization that is:

  • A catalytic, coordinating, and creative force in realizing this vision for service in Rural Somalia and especially the disfranchised at-risk communities.
  • A valuable resource to—and a partner with—the Federal Government, and Regional Authorities, and local organizations that encourage community service and address community needs.
  • Entrepreneurial, innovative, effective, and efficient in utilizing its resources, influence, and activities.
  • A good steward of Donor Funds that operates programs in a Cost-Effective manner.
  • An agency with a demonstrated history of nonpartisanship, and Equal Dignity, Basic Rights, and Effective Common Interests.