27 05, 2018

Workshop and Seminars for East Africa Consortium International Organization Staffs

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1.Vocational English Language Course 6 weeks from 01/01/2018 to 11/02/2018 2. Public speaking course 3 weeks from 17/02/2018 to 08/03/2018 3.Peace building & Good Governance 4 weeks from 17/03/2018 to 17/04/2018 4.Concept of Monitoring and Evaluation 5 weeks from 28/04/2018 to 02/05/2018

23 05, 2018

From January – February 2018 EACI trained Mogadishu IDP Actors

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We came to understand that Mogadishu IDPs have somewhat stringent Actors who manage IDP camps with personal efforts since there is no other authority that is active to undertake the management for Mogadishu camps. Therefore, we provided extensive and deep training on “good governance” in which we introduced to them how important is to be [...]